Liceulice helps readers understand the world they live in - Liceulice

Liceulice helps readers understand the world they live in

In the lack of media offering professional and objective information, with optimistic approach and lots of positive examples of activism and solidarity, for ten years now Liceulice serves as a platform dedicated to strengthening civic activism and emancipation of its readers. From global climate change, through the crisis in confidence in science, to the quality of contemporary education – here is a short insight into the most interesting themes we covered in our recent Liceulice issues.

Adding to the two special online issues during the lockdown in Spring 2020, dedicated entirely to the corona virus pandemic, all Liceulice issues in the last year cover a large spectar of subjects important for the better understanding of the different aspects of the world we live in, concering both local and global challanges. We dedicated the 65. edition to the quality of education, in the year in which Serbia lost full membership in the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. In issue 66, we tried to explain the genesis of the climate change and human-induced global warming, but also to point out some possible ways of fighting for the planet we live on. Liceulice nr. 67 researches how the internet and social networks have changed our jobs and our free time, influenced our mental state and the way we inform ourselves. The cause of this huge scale of air pollution in Serbia and the steps that both the society and individuals can take to breathe easier in the years ahead, was the topic of the 69th issue of our magazine. On the other hand, Liceulice nr. 70 is dealing with a present crisis of confidence in science, including strengthening the various conspiracy theories with the pandemic crisis. The current, 71. issue is questioning the terms such as nation, nationalism or national identity and analyzing how these concepts are connected with many aspects of our lives, from the language we speak and education system we choose, to art and pop culture.

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