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    It is good to know that we are not alone

    Projects like Liceulice are facing constant uncertainty, but this health crisis has been going on for too long, and it has pushed our vendors into a much stronger uncertainty than the one they are used to. Behind us is a difficult year that has drastically changed the work of street papers all over the world. During the spring lockdown, we reacted quickly and launched an online campaign which had a great response – we can be truly proud of our readers! The large number of individuals and companies ready to provide support to those who have been hit harder by the pandemic than others, testifies to the reputation we have built over these ten years. In the months that followed, the vendors were back on the streets but with many difficulties and limitations, which is why we still need your help! We remember, with gratitude, of the many gestures of support of our friends – companies, embassies, foreign missions, foundations…


    In addition to buying more copies of the magazine, many companies have opted for direct cash donations or donations in food and hygiene products for vendors, and some have delighted us with pro bono campaigns and support videos…

    Banca Intesa has been our supporter for years. Before the pandemic, our vendors regularly visited the premises of this bank as part of organized sales. During the state of emergency, we received a valuable donation from them, followed by a motivational video. Euro bank and Erste bank are also our long-time supporters, and they helped us through this difficult period by purchasing a large number of copies of the magazine.

    The companies Ardagh metal beverage Serbia d.o.o., Comtech d.o.o., i Društvo za posredovanje u osiguranju ABC d.o.o. have made crucial donations that got us through this difficult period.

    Near the end of 2020, the companies Cetin and Hooloovoo paid the printing costs of our magazine.

    With the financial help of our friends from the British Embassy, ​​we packed aid packages for our vendors that contained basic food and hygiene products, and we also received a donation from British Embassy in books for vendors and birthday cakes made as part of the Queen’s birthday. SBB Foundation and the show „Between Us“ on Nova S TV created a donating campaing for our vendors. Coca-Cola donated 100 bags that will make their job easier, and the company Koozmetik deodorants and lip balms, made from 100% natural ingredients.

    In addition, we are thankful for the various types of support that eased the most difficult period of the complete lockdown in Spring: McDonalds Serbia donated 200 meals, we received direct donations from a number of companies; Wolt opted for purchasing a large number of copies of the magazine, while the companies Jaffa Crvenka and Anđeli sent sweet packages, and the marketing agency McCann Belgrade has pro bono prepared the campaign for us. The popular Kafeterija chain is our latest supporter, subscribing to the Liceulice magazine for all 35 facilities in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, and welcoming our vendors for a free coffee. Among our supporters who purchased a large number of copies are also Heinrich Böll Foundation, DW Akademie and Science technology park.


    Thanks to donations from citizens and companies, and various volunteer initiatives, the vendors in Novi Sad were not left without support either. Novi Sad company Engel d.o.o. and Vojvodjanska Bank donated funds to vendors in Novi Sad, which was used for providing over 40 food and hygiene aid packages. In addition, our partner organization „Patrija“, redirected 100,000 dinars from the project supported by the Trag Foundation for urgent support to Novi Sad vendors and people with mental disabilities who are visiting their support club „Kompas“ (25 vouchers for Univer-Export were provided from this money). Together with the organization JCI Novi Sad, the action „Donate a meal“ was launched, which enabled the vendors of our magazine to receive regular meals during the period of complete lockdown. The companies Auto Biro from Novi Sad and Agencija Veritas from Kikinda also purchased a large number of copies and this helped our Fund. The vendors from Kikinda deserve special recognition, since they donated the money they saved to their colleagues from Novi Sad, who were at that point in a more difficult situation.

    Though we tried to be detailed, it is hard to mention all of our supporters in the past year in just one text. There were indeed many more socially responsible individuals and companies, and we are thankful to each and every one of them! Aside from that, a lot of individuals subscribed to the magazine (printed and online editions), bought our products from the website shop, payed monthly donations in order to keep us going…

    Precautions due to the corona virus still prevent our vendors from attending organized sales, cultural and other events where they were invited to sell the magazine. We are not in shopping malls and other indoor spaces; we are not in many places where you were used to seeing good people in blue vests.

    To be able to continue to act as a crucial support for our vendors in this extremely difficult period, we depend on our donors. You can also become a LICEULICE fund donor, either as company, organisation or individual (through SMS, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal). If you want to become a long-term supporter, you can also authorize a standing order with the chosen amount of monthly support to our fund.

    Get inspired by these ideas, and if you or your company have the resources to support our vendors and make their lives easier, contact us in the inbox or via email at