Belgrade Less Ordinary (BLO), a semiannual magazine in the English language, is a new product of the organization Liceulice. The second issue of BLO covers autumn and winter 2019/2020, with texts that will both assist foreigners in Belgrade with different aspects of their everyday lives and offer insight into the perspectives of marginalized and underprivileged groups in Serbia.

In addition to presenting the most interesting alternative tours, local brands, street artists, formal and informal cultural centers, film festivals and museums, this issue will guide you through Belgrade’s non-smoking and laptop friendly cafes, vegetarian and vegan eat-outs, as well as socially responsible products and initiatives. More¬over, BLO will show you Belgrade as seen through the eyes of members of the LGBT community, environmental and left-wing activists, foreign students, global nomads, and the migrants residing in the asylum center on the outskirts of the city. The second issue of Belgrade Less Ordinary also features the story of the revival of socialist memorials built throughout Yugoslavia after WWII, as well as a critical look at the history of Serbia up to the creation of Yugoslavia. The authors of BLO are local journalists, designers, cultural workers and ex-pats living in Belgrade.

While BLO is designed to be your Belgrade companion, it also gives you the opportunity to be humane. Your donation will help Liceulice deal more effectively with the issues of homelessness, poverty, disability and other forms of exclusion.

Since 2010, the Liceulice organization has operated on the principle of econom¬ic and social inclusion, employing members of mar¬ginalized groups as vendors of the Liceulice magazine (57 issues up until now, 10,000 copies per issue). Our vendors are people experiencing poverty, exclusion and homelessness, or people who live with some form of physical or mental disability. In the previous period, we managed to secure a job, an income, and psycho-social and economic support for more than 400 individuals who can rarely find work on the regular labor market.

The recommended contribution is 500 RSD per issue (4 EUR), but you are free to donate more.

Your donation will change and save lives.

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